Vaccum Dehydrator

Fruit And Vegetable Batch Type Dehydrator – Tray Type

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable to dry /dehydrate food products.

  • Batch-type incorporats trays made of SS /AL for keeping sliced/diced/liquid food for drying inside the dehydration chamber.

  • The frame/structure is made of mild steel duly insulated ,fitted with thermostatic controlled heaters for accurate control of chamber

  • The dehydrator incorporates hot flow-air circulation technology to heat/dehydrate & remove moisture for various products on batch-type basis

  • The trays are rolled onto the shelves of the dryer and after the doors are hermetically locked ,the dehydrator temperture is set & the process takes between 60-180 minute.(Depending Upon Initial /Final Moisture Level Of Product)

  • The dehydrator is fitted with exhaust fan For Exhausting Of Hot Air/Recirculation.

  • Cost of trolley capacity 96 trays 2NOS @300 $/ Each US $600

Vaccum Dehydrator

Suitable to dry various fruits and vegetables. The equipment utilizes low temperature drying under vaccum conditions which result in excellent quality dried product without any loss of colour, nutritional value and taste. The dehydrator uses steam as the heating medium to dissipate heat evenly in the shelves. The product are sperad out in preforated trays and placed on steam heated shelves. The chamber is vaccumized and the product is dried by indirect heat at low temperature.